Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bruch: Violin Concerto, Romances, Etc

“[Gluzman] presents a refreshingly straightforward performance that allows the music to speak for itself. The playing is indeed superb in every way, wonderfully lyrical in the soaring melodies of the slow movement, impassioned and dramatic in the opening Prelude and exuberant in the Finale. Andrew Litton and the Bergen Philharmonic are sterling accompanists, responding with subtlety to Gluzman's nuanced phrasing.” --BBC Music Magazine, July 2011 *****


“This performance of the Quintet is robust and confident. High-powered playing and a resonant recording combine to create an almost orchestral sound. Vadim Gluzman plays the finale's virtuoso passages magnificently” --Gramophone Magazine, August 2011

“Gluzman embraces [the Concerto's] emotion and character with such passion it's as though this is a new discovery for him, with freshness, vitality and in the final, great pace and wonderful rhythms. But the heart of the work is the Adagio, and here Gluzman delivers the melody with breathtaking intensity” --Classic FM Magazine, July 2011 *****

“Gluzman is a wonderful player and the combination of peerless technique and an eloquent and flexible approach to the score makes for a refreshing and absorbing account of this much performed work. With Gluzman it becomes a most rewarding rediscovery...Litton and the Bergen Philharmonic are truly attentive partners; their committed support does much to make this one of the most engaging recent performances of this concerto” --International Record Review, July 2011

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