Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Arriaga: String Quartets

The Camerata Boccherini are [also] thoroughly in sympathy with these delightful quartets and they play them on original instruments with vivacity, but never losing their elegance or expressive warmth. Indeed, the use of period instruments brings only a greater delicacy of texture. This version is thoroughly recommendable in its own right, especially at Naxos price. The recording is admirably balanced and truthful. --Penguin Guide, January 2009

When reviewing the Naxos Arriaga Quartet compilation. I was a bit taken aback (though pleasantly so) at the modest wealth of directly competing releases. As noted at the time, however, the pricing of those competing releases is not modest and requires wealth; so the impeccably performed and budget-priced Naxos version is urgently recommended as an introduction to a chamber composer fully as gifted as Schubert and Beethoven. --Fanfare, November 2006

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