Friday, September 7, 2012

Monteverdi · Sweet Torment

“…the third in a series of Monteverdi madrigal anthologies…shows terrific musical discernment. The experience and flair of I Fagiolini is clearly demonstrated across these styles and textures. …the Baroque instrumentalists under violinist Bjarte Eike add much to the Ballo della Ingrate - the high plucked strings accompanying Amore are magical, and Plutone's magnificent bass singing is neatly supported.” --BBC Music Magazine, August 2009 ****

“The range of effects is startling: from the dazed idée fixe of "T'amo, mia vita!" (1605) to the bouyant ground bass of "Zefiro torna" (1632), here brilliantly animated by chitarrone, harp and harpsichord. Most exciting, however, is the group's reading of "Ballo delle Ingrate" and Barokksolistene's sullen dance for the damned.” --The Independent on Sunday, 5th July 2009

“…most successful… is the Ballo delle ingrate, one of the most coherent accounts of it I can remember, with a sharply delineated Pluto. The variety of continuo instruments is highly effective, and the work's dramatic line holds until the final, valedictory exhortation.” --Gramophone Magazine, Awards Issue 2009

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