Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Opera Arias

 “Diana Damrau is ice and fire. With a formidable technique allied to effortless artistry, there is it seems nothing that she cannot do, certainly in the vocal fireworks department. …it's her Gilda where everything melds into perfection. The lightly coloured tone in the introductory phrases to 'Caro nome' proclaim her innocence; the vocal slide into the flute solo that introduces the aria sings of her love for the Duke; and by the time you arrive at the tender trill on the aria's penultimate phrase and the final effortlessly sustained note you're just about in love yourself.” --BBC Music Magazine, February 2010 *****


“Diana Damrau is the most thrilling high soprano of our day.” --The Observer

“The point with Damrau ... is that she’s fearless, impressively unpredictable, and about as far as possible from being a ‘production line’ soprano.” --Classic FM magazine

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