Friday, August 31, 2012

Monteverdi · Fire and Ashes

“…I Fagiolini are at their best in the quietly pastoral pieces. 'Rimanti in pace' is an early masterpiece from Book 3, sung with the tenderest of touches at the melting harmonies, and 'Lagrime d'amante'… is given the most persuasive performance I have heard...” --BBC Music Magazine, April 2008 ****

“Under Robert Hollingworth's inspired direction, the five singers squeeze all the emotion possible out of the suspensions, both diatonic and chromatic.” --Gramophone Magazine, May 2008

This second volume allows the listener to trace Monteverdi’s evolution from the early Mantuan a cappella madrigals that made his reputation to the late concerted madrigals of the 1630s written for the Viennese court.

These styles seem worlds apart, yet both are forged by the same desire, to confront and master the tension between mere art and real life.

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