Friday, August 3, 2012

Erik Chisholm: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2

“It would be difficult to overpraise this wonderfully enterprising disc...and it would be hard to imagine playing of a more coruscating brilliance, delicacy and affection. The superb Danny Driver gives his all and is partnered to the hilt by the Scottish conductor Rory Macdonald.” --Gramophone Magazine, June 2012

“Chisholm was himself a formidable pianist, and both Concertos teem with the kind of brilliant bravura keyboard writing that is meat and drink to Driver. The orchestration is colourfully, but conductor Rory Macdonald has it well in hand. Revelatory.” --BBC Music Magazine, June 2012 *****

“[Chisholm's First Concerto is] full of provocative rhythm and utterly devoid of cliche. His second is even more elaborate, drawing its inspiration from the beguiling ragas of Hindustan, their evocative intervals and sensuous, twisting melodies handled beautifully here by Danny Driver in this premiere recording.” --The Observer, 4th March 2012

“Chisholm's modernist music is as extraordinary and perplexing as it is beautiful...[he] emerges as a composer in full command of both the orchestra and the piano, expertly employing their respective resonances and timbres...Driver is in equally full and exuberant command of his instrument. His confident, crisply embellished readings are stylish, multi-hued, and enlivening nailings of the modernist tone”, 30th April 2012

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