Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chopin: Mon Journal Intime

“He clearly has qualms about the emotional involvement he brings to Chopin's miniatures, executing an evocative transformation from languid self-absorption to high drama in the 'Ballade no. 1 op. 23', and navigating the turbulent, oceanic depths of the 'Fantaisie op. 49'.” --The Independent ****

“memorably refined and stylish performances...Here, as so often with Tharaud, there is an aristocratic balance of sense and sensibility, though his brilliant fury in the Second Ballade's Presto storm is breathtaking” --Gramophone Magazine

“He plays the music with palpable affection and sensitivity, gilded with a panache and passion in the more tempestuous moments...Tharaud’s feel for tonal colouring and his eloquence of expression are a perfect match for this inspiring, kaleidoscopic music.” -- The Daily Telegraph *****

“this sequence of carefully chosen pieces makes for a satisfying listen. Tharaud lifts the music across the bar-lines with deft rubato, his sound clear, shining and sensuous; altogether breathtakingly beautiful.” -- The Observer

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