Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vincent d’Indy: Orchestral Works 3

“Rumon Gamba...draws deeply sympathetic playing from his orchestra, leaving us to wish that d'Indy had always composed thus.” --BBC Music Magazine, May 2010 *****

“All four performances have striking spontaneity and the Chandos recording is very much in the demonstration bracket. If you are unfamiliar with d'Indy's music, this CD will make an admirable introduction to a very rewarding composer.” --Penguin Guide, 2011 edition

"Following their first two much-praised discs, Rumon Gamba and the Iceland Symphony further champion the lushly colourful and impressionistic orchestral music of Vincent d’Indy. The core of this programme is a clearly argued and well-paced performance of the composer’s Third Symphony. It’s a fascinating work that mixes straighforward militaristic passages with a high-Romantic, 20th century language that’s part Expressionist, part Impressionist. It’s framed by three delicious tone-poems." --BBC Music Magazine, May 2010

“… Vincent d’Indy wrote gorgeously expressive music that is scarcely played today. The Iceland SO and Rumon Gamba’s excellent advocacy reminds us that he was a sensual orchestral colourist, at once French and Teutonic in style. This volume  includes the erotic Istar, the eccentric but appealing Choral varie Op 55 with solo saxophone and the highly charged heroic Symphony No 3, quasi-militaristic and full of big “nobilmente” tunes…” “ Bizarrely addictive.--Classic FM Magazine, May 2010

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