Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vincent d’Indy: Orchestral Works 2

“…a vital, vividly scored and eventually stirring piece. When d'Indy escapes from his determination to build most of it from the same two themes, he comes up with moments of breathtaking poetry and strikingly personal harmonic colour. Rumon Gamba keeps it all on the move... The orchestra, bright in tone against a resonant background, could do with weightier strings but plays with precision and energy...” --BBC Music Magazine, June 2009 ****

“None of the three previous recordings of the symphony… survived very long in the catalogue, so Gamba's vibrant yet cogent interpretation plugs a glaring gap. …the playing of the Iceland SO combines commendable polish and contagious dedication, and Chandos's sound has both tangible presence and enticing glow.” Gramophone Magazine, June 2009

“Vincent d'Indy's Second Symphony, a substantial work written at the dawn of the 20th century, combines reasoned, Classical compositional principles with a strong Romantic impulse. Its performance here, well-controlled but malleable in phrasing and pace, is one of ravishing colour, capitalising on the music's fluid, succulent harmony and glowing orchestral palette.” The Telegraph, 7th April 2009 ****

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