Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Flute King

“Pahud is outstanding, albeit on a modern metal flute rather than a gentler, less penetrating historical wooden instrument.. He's best of all in CPE Bach's solo Sonata where, with reverberant acoustic and excellent recording, he generates fine fruity bass notes to support the broken harmony above. A fascinating snap-shot of the mid-18th century Berlin court.” --BBC Music Magazine, February 2012 *****

“Pahud demonstrates a flexibility of phrase that arises naturally from the architectonics of the music rather than being imposed on it by a 'personality'. Despite the modern flute, his ornamentation and articulation are thoroughly idiomatic and chime with his period-instrument collaborators' crispness of attack and cleanly expressive shifts in colour...[Pahud] can equally lay claim to the title of 'The Flute King'” --International Record Review, May 2012

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