Monday, July 16, 2012

Matiegka: Notturno for Flute, Viola & Guitar

Wenzeslaus Matiegka is a scarcely known Classical composer of great merit and ability.  Based in Vienna rather than his native Bohemia, Matiegka earned his living as a piano and guitar teacher and was also the choirmaster of St Leopold’s Church. His output, as it is known to this day, includes almost a dozen guitar works including solo works, transcriptions, chamber music, and lieder as well as almost as many liturgical works for small orchestra, voice and organ.

Matiegka’s  musical language contains such high levels of perfect precision and originality that his Notturno Op. 21 was long held to be a work by Schubert, whose actual meagre contribution to it was an additional cello part. It is only in a performance on original instruments that the true charm and sublime poetry of this romantic music for the private sphere, especially in the tender guitar sound, is rendered fully vivid.

These rare Mateigka works are brought to life by the Ensemble "Sérénade à Trois".

Ensemble "Sérénade à Trois": Karl Kaiser (flute), Petra Muellejans (viola), Sonja Prunnbauer (guitar)

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