Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mahler: Symphony No. 6 in A minor 'Tragic'

“what a performance! Pappano treats Mahler's opening movement with a restraint that reveals the itchy energy inside...[he] builds towards the finale with a sense of the inscrutable and a pile-driver bite.” --Classic FM Magazine, February 2012 *****

“Anyone wanting to hear an Italian orchestra play Mahler is likely to be fascinated and impressed by this performance...the Santa Cecilia Orchestra plays with a fine feeling for nuance and shape in the more tender music...there is a lot to admire in Pappano's account and while his view of its emotional trajectory doesn't engross me as I hoped it would, it is still starkly effective.” --International Record Review, January 2012

“Pappano’s Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia has an exuberance that comes across most strongly in the opening Allegro energetico ...Pappano, like his Roman musicians, is still building up experience in Mahler. Where he scores is in the quieter, song-like stretches of music, such as the first movement’s dream sequence and an Andante of con amore warmth.” --Financial Times, 5th November 2011 ****

“[an] enthralling account...terrific, ear-scorching climaxes” --The Observer, 6th November 2011

“Pappano’s first Mahler recording with his Roman orchestra demonstrates an attention to detail in the score unobscured by biographical hypotheses. He plays the work in the published (and musically logical) order. The opening march has terrific thrust, the scherzo is laden with Mahler’s sardonic black humour and nostalgia for folk music. The Accademia prides itself on its Mahlerian associations, with justice on this basis.” --Sunday Times, 27th November 2011

“If you’re going to tone down Mahler’s febrile neuroticism, you have to replace it with something equally valid, and that is exactly what Antonio Papppano does here in his first recording of the composer. Out goes the tortured intensity, in comes a blazing energy and warmth that pays dividends all the way through” --The Telegraph, 2nd December 2011 ****

“His expansive approach to the first three movements won't be to everyone's taste, though it often yields surprising results...The Scherzo has rarely sounded as implacable as it does here, though the Andante, in contrast, feels altogether too laid back, until its final climax where Pappano suddenly unleashes a maelstrom that takes your breath away.” --The Guardian, 5th January 2012 ****

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