Monday, July 23, 2012

Haydn: Keyboard Concertos Hob XVIII

“Many concertos are attributed to Haydn but these three are undisputedly authentic. The keyboard part in No 4 falls in a narrow compass; Andreas Staier introduces variety by ornamenting the slow movement and decorating fermatas in all movements. His embellishments are very good indeed, even if he is ornate in places. (If you dislike ornament, you should choose the Andsnes, who sticks to the letter and does so most artistically.) A rarity is No 6 for violin and keyboard, its outer movements the least interesting with sequential passages. The emotive slow movement (mostly a conversation between the two soloists) redeems matters and gives Gottfried von der Goltz a chance to show his mettle as a sensitive violinist.

In the finest work, No 11, the orchestral exposition is an ideal Vivace, the first theme lilting over repeated quavers generating the right degree of forward tension, and the bass line given its full due, oboes and horns colouring the texture tellingly. A similar degree of perception, with Staier's contribution equally telling, is heard throughout. The recording is expertly balanced and tonally truthful. An outstanding disc.” --Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

“this disc continually surprises and delights. Faultless.” --The Independent on Sunday, 16 January 2005 *****

“Andreas Staier has established himself as one of the foremost solo exponents of the baroque repertoire, here matching Haydn himself for musical wit, wisdom and joie de vivre.” --The Observer, 16 January 2005

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