Wednesday, July 11, 2012

French Impressions

“Impressive playing from the extrovert and intelligent Kolly d'Alba. She gives her all in the hothouse Romanticism of Saint-Saens and is sensitive to the mesmerism of Chausson's Poème and Ravel's Tzigane.” --BBC Music Magazine, December 2011 ****

“The way she gently eases into the magical final section of Saint-Saens' Violin Concerto's slow movement is unforgettable, so too her beguilingly seductive handling of Ravel's volatile gypsy inflections and introspectively dreamy Chausson. Apart from the slightly claustrophobic sound in the Saint-Saens, this is a perfect showcase for a young player whose musical insights are of the higest calibre.” --Classic FM Magazine, November 2011 ****

“Rachel Kolly d'Alba's playing immediately grabs our attention. Passionate commitment to the music, rich tone and constantly varied expression combine to leave a powerful, memorable impression...while stressing the dramatic and colourful side of each work, her interpretations are well balanced and persuasive, too.” --Gramophone Magazine, Awards Issue 2011

“Kolly d'Alba is a fearless, passionate and responsive violinist, although her power (as recorded) may be too strong for Saint-Saens's delightful concerto. She can charm though, as the enchanting central movement demonstrates.” --International Record Review, January 2012

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