Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cimarosa: Overtures · 2

"The recording is almost uniformly excellent....Admirably recorded in an ambience to die for, these are spirited performances." --MusicWeb International, March 2008

. . .Cimarosa's music has an immediate appeal, and this is—to a great degree—because of its sparkle, not to mention its unfailing Italianate lyricism. ...Regardless of the schematic or character of the overture, Cimarosa's music never fails when it comes to capturing and holding the attention of the listener. Cimarosa knew the orchestra and its instruments, and this is apparent throughout the run of this CD.

A similar disc, but with different contents and spotlighting Alessandro Amoretti and the Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia, was released on Marco Polo, later deleted and reissued as Naxos 8.570508. This disc from December of last year with Kevin Mallon and his Toronto compatriots is the second in the projected cycle, and holds rewarding interpretations that summon respect for the composer as well as admiration for the performers. With Mallon in charge, the music exudes a freshness that is a welcome surprise and that further commends these poised and erudite readings. Vigor, affection, and commitment abound here, and the music-lover unfamiliar with Cimarosa's music should take the first opportunity to pounce on this release! --Fanfare, August 2008

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