Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bach: Goldberg Variations

“No mannerisms, no distractions, no self-serving virtuosity - just the most lucid and moving recording yet of this work.” --Gramophone

“uniquely revealing, essentially thoughtful and intimate, often introvert, and with his involvement and dedication present in every bar. The piano recording, too, is wonderfully natural.” --The Penguin Guide 2011

I have no hesitation at all in acclaiming Murray Perahia's recording of the Goldberg Variations as the finest on piano since Glenn Gould's pioneering version of the 1950s. Both in its broad conception and individual details, it offers incontestable evidence of Perahia's penetrating musical intellect, sensitivity to emotional nuance, and exceptional technical gifts.

A performance this rich and varied in expression deserves to be considered at much greater length than that of a simple record review, but perhaps a few general observations will suffice to indicate what an extraordinary listening experience this release represents. Read More

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