Saturday, June 30, 2012

Respighi: Belkis Suite, Dance of the Gnomes, The Pines of Rome

Grammy® Nominated: Best Engineered Album, Classical

"Colorful,thrilling performances of BELKIS, as Respighi would have preferred, and of the quirky gnomes piece, delivered in superb sound, makes this a compulsory purchase for every Respighi devotee." -- Ian Lace, FANFARE (Also, chosen for his WISH LIST -- one of the five best releases of 2001.)

"Stunning accounts of BELKIS and PINES OF ROME." -- Haller, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE

"Respighi has not sounded like this on discs since -- well, let's say since never before. . . Of the seven Oue/Minnesota CDs I know, this is easily the grandest, musically as well as sonically." -- Roger Dettmer, ClassicalCDReviews

"This is exceptional work, even by Reference Recordings' own high standards. To the expected dynamic range, low-frequency definition, and clear imaging -- all by now hallmarks of digital processing -- this disc adds a gratifying sense of breathing space around the instrumental sound, such as was previously only heard on specially mastered LPs. 

The crescendos don't merely get louder -- the textures fill out and blossom. The climaxes surge without taking on a glossy veneer. The brass reproduction, minus the hard edge that frequently passes for "impact," is particularly open and airy, but the soft music is equally, tangibly vivid." -- Steve Vasta, CDNOW

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