Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poulenc: Piano & Organ Concertos

These are brilliant performances. No one understands the language or structure of this music better than Dutoit, and his three soloists are magnificent. Rogé and Deferne are on just the right side of brittleness, and Hurford’s sense of theatre and timing is compelling. The Philharmonia, tight in ensemble and rhythmically athletic, are in a class of their own. Demonstration quality sound, not least in the Organ Concerto (recorded in St Alban’s Cathedral).

Performance: 5 (out of 5); Sound: 5 (out or 5) -- BBC Music Magazine

“From the first earth-shaking chord [of the Organ Concerto] you are firmly inside the building...Malcolm is alert to every nuance from Bachian majesty to fairground vulgarity and he paints it all with virtuoso aplomb.” --Gramophone Magazine, January 2010

Gramophone Magazine - Collection Recommendation

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