Saturday, June 9, 2012

Manuel de Falla: Works for Stage and Concert Hall

“one of those experiences that change one's perception of a work forever...At the most basic level they take the trouble to get the balance right. ['Nights'] is no concerto, and the pianist has to be an observer of the music's events rather than needing to boss them around...the level of engagement with the music is exceptional. Often spacious and dark, the performance reaches past its starlit, balmy surfaces to find the ache and stoicism of Spanish history” --BBC Music Magazine, March 2012 *****

“it is greatly to the credit of Juanjo Mena and his forces (with a truly authentic touch from soprano Raquel Lojendio) that such a potent atmosphere is achieved...[Bavouzet's] performance [of Nights in the Garden of Spain] is more subdued than from celebrated champions of this score...yet it casts its own spell, sultry and scintillating as required.” --Gramophone Magazine, May 2012

Gramophone Magazine
Editor's Choice - May 2012

BBC Music Magazine
Disc of the month - March 2012

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