Monday, June 18, 2012

Giuliani: Harp Sonatas

The composer and musician Giovanni Francesco Giuliani (c.1760–1818) lived and worked in Florence during an immense flourishing of creativity during the late 18th and early 19th centuries; this era wit- nessed, among other events, the founding of Pietro Nardini’s prestigious music school, premiere performances of impor- tant new works, and a choir and new instrumental ensembles, all influenced by the creation of a small state court with close links to Vienna. Within this climate, Giuliani worked as an orchestral and operatic violinist and music teacher, and was known for his instrumental compositions.

Not only is this recording of interest because of its focus on a composer whose work is rarely performed, yet who lived within a time of great musical creativity, harp sonatas were rare during Giuliani’s era, and the repertoire heard here is part of just a few examples of this type of work. While the early sonatas tend to feature the standard instrumental sonata form, later pieces often contain prelude or interlude movements of a freer or improvisatory nature. All, however, are similar in their use of the Galant style, with predictable harmonic and tonal structures, chordal accompaniments, and simple, flowing melodies.

The repertoire featured in this recording is complemented by the use of an Erard harp from 1818, performed by Lisetta Rossi.  

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