Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ginastera: Violin Concerto · Bartók: Sonata for Violin and Piano

The Concerto for violin and orchestra by Alberto Ginastera is one of the most complex and original works written for this formation in our century. Its form, beginning with a Cadenza for solo violin followed by six studies, is already completely different from that of the traditional concerto. The central part is made up of an Adagio for 22 soloists which shapes the method of the concerto for orchestra in which individual instruments emerge from the orchestral context. 

The orchestral forces are truly impressive. This 1968 live recording features Salvatore Accardo at the peak of his career and, on the podium, a Mario di Bonaventura who contributes to a performance of very high quality and great fascination. The CD programme is completed by Bartók’s interesting Sonata for violin and piano, the composer’s first work for this formation.

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