Monday, June 25, 2012

Geoffrey Burgon: Viola Concerto & Cello Concerto

“Burgon's tightly focused style generates some truly arresting moments...A film sensibility may lie at the core of Burgon's musical personality but there is much here in terms of expressive weight and musical content to ensure that his music stands firm without the need for visual support.” --Gramophone Magazine

“The superb Philip Dukes is the dedicatee and soloist in Ghosts of the Dance...a colourful and exhilarating listening experience...The City of London Sinfonia under Rumon Gamba seems to relish this music, as it should.” --International Record Review

“Geoffrey Burgon's slinky, jazz-inflected viola concerto "Ghosts of the Dance" conveys colour, character and narrative in economical writing...Philip Dukes and Josephine Knight favour an almost vocal style of harrowed lyricism, while Sarah Connolly claims the 1997 song cycle written for James Bowman as her own. Merciless beauty, indeed.” --The Independent, 9th May 2010

“[The Viola Concerto] is expertly written, and must be gratifying to play: Philip Dukes appears to enjoy himself, and never puts a foot wrong.” --BBC Music Magazine, September 2010 ****

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