Sunday, June 3, 2012

Berio: Orchestral realisations of Schubert, Brahms & Mahler

“Gardner shapes it all beautifully, and his soloists – Michael Collins in the Sonata, baritone Roderick Williams in the songs – are suave and refined.” --The Guardian, 2nd February 2012 ****

“In a joyfully discombobulating programme, Luciano Berio's mischief-making orchestration of Mahler's "Six Early Songs" uses the Mahlerian paintbox in an almost anti-Mahlerian, jaunty fashion...Gardner conducts with élan, highlighting the clean attack of the Bergen strings.” --The Independent, 12th February 2012 ****

“Gardner's phrasing of the central movement [is] a cousin to Brian Newbould's completion, and thus Rendering's periodic, unpredictable descent into twilit oblivion becomes all the more touching...Leaving balance issues to the engineers, Roderick Williams takes a relaxed, confiding approach, never less than suave even against the galloping rhythms of 'Scheiden und Meiden'.” --Gramophone Magazine, May 2012

“[Berio's] versions of the Mahler songs are straightforward and affectionately sung by Roderick Williams...Berio himself looms larger in Rendering...The sound of the celesta, alien to Schubert, signals these departures into a dream world, which Gardner captures atmospherically. His assured sense of style in Schubert's material is compelling.” --BBC Music Magazine, May 2012 ****

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