Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bach: A Strange Beauty

“Dinnerstein has Argerich's touch: her Bach swings. The Suite's gigue has jazz momentum and the F minor concerto finale sounds unstoppable...The whole, beautifully conceived programme is shot with emotion, none more than the unfashionable transcriptions...This irresistable pianist knows her mind and expresses it.” --Classic FM Magazine, 2011 *****

“one must acknowledge Dinnerstein's energetic execution, plus the unusual clarity and point of her left-hand work...As a Bach pianist, Dinnerstein is obviously serious, and has fingers to burn” --Gramophone Magazine, 2011

“Kempff's fastidious arrangement of "Nun Freut Euch, Lieben Christen Gmein" offers the most dazzling display of her virtuosity...the stately calm of the 5th Keyboard Concerto's "Largo" has an almost weightless poise, while the English Suite No 3 offers an engrossing journey between styles” The Independent, 14th January 2011 ****

“there is nothing exaggerated or self-seeking about her technical display. Where she excels is in the slow movements...the involvement and emotional commitment is total...Dinnerstein's is a fascinating and soulful approach of which I hope to hear more, especially in the transcriptions to which her romantic temperament and depth of sonorities are ideally suited.” International Record Review, January 2011

“Few current pianists surge forward in Bach with such light-fingered energy and joy; listening to her finale in the fifth keyboard concerto or the start of the third English Suite you almost get giddy. She’s equally individual in ruminating mode...Dinnerstein embraces [Jesu, Joy] calmly and lovingly — the perfect close to this uneven, engaging, idiosyncratic album.” The Times, 21st January 2011 ****

“[the disc] gives a good sense of her generally romantic approach to playing the composer's music on a modern concert grand, in which expressive warmth and beauty of tone seem to be prized above other qualities. It's a style that's perfectly suited to the three chorale-prelude arrangements by great 20th-century pianists” The Guardian, 27th January 2011 ***

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