Friday, May 11, 2012

Schobert: Quatuors, Trios, Sonates

Luciano Sgrizzi and Ensemble 415 (violinists Chiara Banchini and Véronique Méjean, and cellist Philipp Bosbach) present lucid performances that are exceptional in every regard. Further commended by intensity of expression and infused with lilt and effervescence, these expressively adept and attractive readings reflect a synergetic partnership that would be difficult to surpass by even the most prominent of chamber-music ensembles. Recommended on all accounts. --FANFARE

Silesian-born Johann Schobert (1740?–1767) first attracted the attention of musicologists because of his influence on the young Mozart. In our time, however, Schobert can be weighed in the balance of music history on his own merits.

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