Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pisendel: Dresden Concertos

The highlight of the program has to be the three-movement Concerto in D for violin solo, two horns, two oboes, bassoon, and strings. Not only does the violin have some outstanding music to play (especially in the Andante), but so do the horns and winds, amounting to a truly engaging masterpiece that warrants more serious attention by chamber groups. The horns have even more chance to shine on the disc’s final track, another Concerto in D, this time a single Allegro movement, joined by flutes, oboes, bassoon, and strings. 

The performers, notably the two violin soloists (Petra Müllejans and Gottfried von der Goltz) and horn players (Teunis van der Zwart and Erwin Wieringa), are excellent; the ensemble, as we’ve come to expect, is absolutely world-class. The sound is vibrant and detailed, allowing the horns a delicious bite and the strings a reedy warmth. Baroque orchestra fans shouldn’t miss this one. --David Vernier,

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