Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Matteis: Ayrs for the violin

"Schmitt allows the music to speak in a natural way, and the result is beautiful." --Gramophon

Matteis published his Ayres for Violin in four separate volumes or parts.The first two volumes, scored for violin and basso continuo, appeared in 1676.The violin and basso parts occupied facing pages in the same book.

The other two volumes initially appeared in the same format in 1685, but 1687 saw the release of separate, "Second Treble" books for parts Three and Four, as well as several new pieces which were appended to Part Four.According to Charles Burney: "he polished and refined English ears and made them fit and eager for the sonatas of Corelli". Matteis is therefore an essential link in the history of English baroque music, who ousted the Italian style and prepared the way for Geminiani, Carbonelli and Giardini who followed him to London.

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