Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liszt: Les Préludes, Mazepa, Etc; Smetana

The revamped digital transfers enable Karajan’s irresistibly virtuosic performances of these Liszt tone poems (some, like Mazeppa . . . are by no means as familiar as they deserve to be) and other orchestral works . . . to register with an impact and brilliance unimaginable on the basis of the original LP releases. Les préludes, of course, was a longstanding Karajan staple; this stunning 1968 account is almost certainly definitive, and nor will you hear any finer versions of the [Rhapsody] included here. These are vintage Karajan offerings, and brightly lit, richly detailed remasterings . . . -- Michael Jameson, BBC Music Magazine [reviewing the Liszt recordings]

MP3 320 · 156 MB

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