Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Haydn: Piano Sonatas Vol. 2

“Bavouzet is perhaps the ideal pianist for Haydn: his clarity of touch, quickness of wit and sensitivity to different soundworlds make him an empathetic interpreter...[he] makes the most of the contrasts between the pieces...The pianist is very much alive to their unfailingly fresh invention, delivering it all apparently effortlessly and without exceeding the necessary 18th-century parameters on the modern grand piano” --Classic FM Magazine, June 2011 ****

“Bavouzet more than holds his own and, time and again, seems to offer a fresh ear to these sonatas, as if this is as much his great adventure as ours.” --Gramophone Magazine

“These performances sound natural, appropriate and in perfect structural and expressive proportion...They are the work of an insightful musician of profound culture and wide interests, whose intellectual and emotional identification with Haydn is unreserved, and whose playing, beautifully captured in technical terms, is a delight to listen to.” --International Record Review, April 2011

“In the second volume of his complete Haydn cycle [Bavouzet] shines particularly in sonatas 48 and 50, the sprightliest on the CD, both with lovely reflective slow movements. Bavouzet offers the crispest of trills, a sprinkling of the fantastic, and a tender heart.” --The Times, 16th April 2011 ****

“His playing in this second installment is quite as exemplary in touch, phrasing, characterisation and continuity, while the recorded sound is again intimate yet unconstricted...Bavouzet brings a fizzing vivacity to the first movement of Sonata No. 48 in C...And in the solemn neo-baroque central movement of No. 50 in D (c.1778), his control of sonority and voicing of inner parts has a measured grandeur that is quite marvellous.” --BBC Music Magazine, May 2011 ****

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