Thursday, May 10, 2012

Haydn: Piano Sonatas Vol. 1

“nothing, either in expression or tone, is ever forced. It helps that [Bavouzet's] modern grand (maker unspecified) has a relatively crisp lower register, and that the recorded sound rightly achieves spaciousness and intimacy...a wonderfully promising series.” --BBC Music Magazine, April 2010 ****

“Clarity of line is paramount in this music and that is what Bavouzet delivers: he views the sonatas with sobriety but by no means dispassionately...Discreet ornamentation adds allure to music that offers both majesty and sweetness, and ranges from the grand gesture to Haydn's trademark high jinks” --Gramophone Magazine, May 2010

“This first release in a long-term series offers four sonatas, dispatched with scintillating brightness and many ornamental trills...It’s impossible not to be the panache of No 39 in D or the grand carnival of the relatively lengthy No 31 in A-flat.” --The Times, 12th March 2010

“however extensive his survey turns out to be, the results should be well worth hearing...Though he exploits all the tonal possibilities of the modern concert grand, Bavouzet also makes full use of the latest ideas on performance practice...It's the best kind of historically alert piano playing.” --The Guardian, 25th March 2010 ****

“The scherzando middle movement of the C sharp minor sonata (No 49) made me want to dance around the room to Bavouzet’s joyous playing. Unadulterated bliss.” --Sunday Times, 28th March 2010 *****

“[Haydn's sonatas] still have a Baroque feel which Bavouzet doesn’t seek to play down, and he conveys Haydn’s impish spirit with the utmost clarity.” --The Telegraph, 26th March 2010 ****

“The French pianist renowned for Debussy has now turned his attention to Haydn, and the results are effervescent and dazzling” --The Observer, 4th April 2010

“This beautifully recorded disc promises well for another classic Bavouzet set to complement his Debussy recordings.” --Classic FM Magazine, April 2010

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