Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chopin: Nocturnes, Scherzos, Sonata No. 1

“richly coloured and deftly articulated...Along the way there are some lovely individual touches like the way Lortie varies the dynamic in the exposition repeat of the First Scherzo...This is Chopin playing of a superior order.” --Gramophone Magazine, July 2010

“Lortie's musicianship is imaginative but never eccentric, with a technique that is always at the service of the music.” --BBC Music Magazine, July 2010 ****

“Lortie’s recital-like organisation of the repertoire is particularly appealing...Nothing is overstated dramatically here, which is not to say that the individual character of the pieces is not identified and communicated with taste and a clear expressive intent.” --The Telegraph, 1st June 2010 ***

“It's all tremendously fluent, the technical hurdles easily cleared...Lortie gets the final peroration of the B flat minor Scherzo exactly right – a tremendous performance – and is pretty persuasive throughout the sonata, too” --The Guardian, 1st July 2010 ***

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