Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cantatas for Soprano & Trumpet

“…not only is Ziesak on cracking form but also she is supported by Reinhold Friedrich's sensitively complementary trumpet partnership and the constantly alert string playing of the Berline Barock Compagney.” --BBC Music Magazine, September 2008 *****

“Fleet, flexible, clarion singing? That’s Ziesak’s forte. Golden trumpeting? Step forward, Reinhold Friedrich. Pitch both into German Baroque church pieces, from the familiar Bach cantata Jauchzet Gott to Rosenmüller’s sacred concertos and you’re guaranteed a bright, interesting display. 

The drawbacks? Soloists and the Berliner Barock-Compagney never give us the thrill of audacity, which these showpieces demand: this is safety-first music-making.” --The Times, 15th August 2008 ***

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