Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beethoven: Piano Sonatas

“her playing is unfailingly adept without revealing the finer nuances of the pieces” --Gramophone Magazine, Awards Issue 2011

“there is some really fine playing here. Ott, we are told, has been working on the two sonatas for 10 years. Recorded with a warm tonal glow, both these and the Andante favori are notably poised and lucid - the transition from the slow movement of the 'Waldstein' into the finale is wonderfully managed.” --Classic FM Magazine, December 2011 ****

It's [Sonata No. 3] which provides the more gripping ride, from the dashing brilliance of the Allegro con brio first movement before negotiating the sudden thrust in a more melancholy direction in the Adagio. Finally, the rolling cadences of the concluding Allegro assai capture Ott's youthful spirit at its most attractively coltish.” --The Independent, 12th August 2011 ****

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