Saturday, May 19, 2012

American Music

“the conjunction of these three contrasting string pieces written across the 20th century proves useful, and stimulates thought. Furthermore, Hughes Deschaux's recording is terrific. It's vivid and warm with a generous sense of space...and you can't fault Pierre Morlet's cello, always singing and sorrowful.” --BBC Music Magazine, March 2012 ****

“This is an eccentric collection of strange bedfellows...the Diotima's performance is a strong one.” --Gramophone Magazine, March 2012

“Eloquent and tonal, it exudes a suavely Gallic influence. The Quatuor Diotima avoid supersweet sentimentalism and concentrate instead on clarity.” --Sunday Times, 13th November 2011

“Deeply peculiar in a highly satisfying way, this music provokes shocks and giggles in equal measure.” --The Arts Desk, 10th March 2012

“the shrill, astringent tone of the to their advantage in realising George Crumb's "Black Angels for Electric Quartet", a dramatic, sometimes antagonistically cacophonous assemblage of 13 brief "images from the dark land", in places seemingly influenced by Bernard Herrmann's piercing score for Psycho.” --The Independent, 4th November 2011 **

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