Friday, April 13, 2012

Vivaldi: Prima Donna

“her intelligent command of Orfeo 55 brings taut and vibrant results...It is Stutzmann's matchless singing that makes this disc...[She] realises them all with a sombre beauty of tone that melts the heart and an emotional focus that commands the attention...this is a must-have not just for Vivaldi fans but for anyone with a taste for Baroque vocal music performed at the highest level.” --Gramophone Magazine, September 2011

“Stutzmann's honest musicianship, the superb playing of her ensemble and the well-chosen light and shade of the programme combine to make a exceptional recital.” --Classic FM Magazine, September 2011 *****

“Stutzmann is particularly delightful in the da capo [of 'Lascia almen che ti consequi'], in which she reduces her tone to such an intimate level that one feels she should be singing it in private. She eases her voice in long, smooth phrases through the tranquil 'Sovvente il sole' from the serenata Andromeda liberata, an illustration of her control...The recording of both voice and orchestra is first-rate, contributing greatly to a rewarding selection of music.” --International Record Review, July/August 2011

“Once heard, never forgotten, Stutzmann's dark, coppery contralto has an androgynous quality. Fiery and icy, her expressive nuances are varied but never excessive. She is also a proficient conductor: singer and players breathe as one.” --BBC Music Magazine, November 2011 *****

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