Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vivaldi: The Complete Works for the Italian Lute

“The lute works of Vivaldi are well-trodden territory, but no one has yet travelled over it so beguilingly as Jakob Lindberg.” --The Gramophone

Vivaldi wrote very little for the lute, guitar, or mandolin--all of which can be used to play this music. In fact the two concertos have become very popular among guitarists, who are always looking for something interesting to play that doesn't require too much effort to transcribe from another medium. The music itself, curiously, is among the composer's most popular.

These particular performances have a very special beauty, partly the result of superb performances by all concerned, and partly due to the positively luminous recording quality. It's so pretty as pure sound, it's almost hypnotic. Those interested in this tiny but popular Vivaldian niche need look no farther. --David Hurwitz

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