Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vivaldi: Bassoon Concertos Volume 1

“Like many [Azzolini] makes bold strokes...but there is never a hint of gratuitousness or bad taste. In music that everyone knows can sound routine, he shapes and characterises every movement, seeks out hitherto unremarked beauties, makes it speak...This is music-making to cherish.” --Gramophone Magazine, September 2010

"Significantly, Sergio Azzolini easily surpasses all the technical as well as interpretative challenges (for this is substantial music) which Vivaldi presents. He is particularly adept at bringing out its shades of dynamic; he plays passages now with gusto, now with reserve. He also makes a very rounded and enjoyable sound. And is supported admirably by L'Aura Soava Cremona under their artistic director, Diego Cantalupi, in this, Volume 45 of naîve outstanding and extremely enterprising Vivaldi Edition. Recommended." --ClassicalNet

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