Monday, April 2, 2012

The Salieri Album · Opera Arias

Gramophone Magazine Critic's Choice 2003

"This is crossover in the right direction - a major musician with a huge and loyal following taking her audience in the direction she wants to go - not vice versa. Bartoli has put rarities by Vivaldi and Gluck on the map and now she does the same for Antonio Salieri, best known for all the wrong reasons. As the villain of Peter Shaffer's Amadeus - though he does have some fantastic lines - Salieri's stature as a musician has been overshadowed. Enter Ms Bartoli to dispense some justice…" --Editor's Choice Gramophone Magazine

Salieri was born in Legnago, Italy, in 1750, just six years before Mozart, and died in 1825. He was resident in Vienna for most of his adult life and brought his many musical influences to bear on that city and on some of its most famous names, among them his pupils Beethoven, Schubert and the young Liszt. Many of his Italian operas were written for the Viennese court, and among his earliest successes can be considered Armida, first performed in 1771. Most of Salieri's operas were written during the 1770s and 1780s and include both comic and serious pieces.

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