Monday, April 2, 2012

Russian Music from Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Prokofiev

". . . an amazing recital, the ultimate demonstration of how two artists with individual ideas and the technical wherewithal to realise them in practice can tease, cajole, pull or push the line, toy with dynamics, experiment with rubato, in a word (all senses), really play . . . It's all there in the Introduction, Mischa Maisky's purring tone singing atop Argerich's stiletto staccato, the tiny delays, heightened colours." --Gramophone

"This is the most energetic and detailed ¿Suite Italienne¿ I have ever heard . . . This concert was clearly an event and I¿m glad DG gave it to us. These two are among the most involved and technically agile players in the business." --American Record Guide

"This is very much a "de luxe" treatment of the "Suite italienne" . . . their performance has an immense range of expression and colour. Very effective and quite exhilarating, making the most of the opportunities Stravinsky gives them, and indeed making some of their own . . . incredible energy this cerntainly has." --International Record Review

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