Friday, April 27, 2012

Rachmaninov: The Bells, Spring & Three Russian Songs

“The Mariinsky's strongest suit is probably its distinctly Russian tone...Alas, the dramatic engagement one might have expected from an opera chorus is here virtually nonexistent...The Bells itself is beautifully played, but with rather literal fidelity to the score. This approach works well enough in the funereal final movement with its echoes of Isle of the Dead. Noseda's avoidance of rubato, though, rather misses the poetry of the golden bells.” --BBC Music Magazine, December 2011 ***


“The big moments in this live Proms recording - like the all-choral third movement, evoking supernatural 'alarm bells' - thrill the ear, with a professional Russian chorus to add extra quality, and there's fine solo singing in the other three movements.” --Classic FM Magazine, February 2012 ****

“Noseda shapes both ['Spring' and the Three Russian Songs] works sympathetically but inevitably responds more vividly to the more expansive canvas of The Bells; all the performances have the benefit of the Russian soloists and the wonderful chorus of the Mariinsky Opera.” --The Guardian, 19th January 2012

“Noseda handles [The Bells] skilfully, with sensitivity to the contrasted moods and to the orchestral detail as well as the balance with the chorus and soloists...and the grim finale is kept at a firm and solemn pace...[in 'Spring'] Tanovitsky broods impressively as the peasant, phrasing sensitively, and Noseda does well to make formal sense of the piece.” --International Record Review, November 2011

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