Friday, April 27, 2012

Prokofiev: Violin Concerto No. 2; Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances

"Laurenceau treats the big theme in the second movement with a ravishing lushness. The lively middle section comes off splendidly too, Laurenceau imparting a more songful character to the theme than is usual. Her finale is riveting, the closing pages ranking in excitement with almost any other recording." --MusicWeb International, April 2011

“Laurenceau is commanding, ardent, colourful and intonation perfect. She makes some of the passages...sound like they've never done before; and the final begins with splendid swagger...The Toulouse Capitole Orchestra has its virtues, not least those bright, caressing woodwind who launch the central reverie of Rachmaninov's first symphonic dance.” --BBC Music Magazine, September 2011 ***

“[Laurenceau] has the measure of the amalgam that goes to make up Prokofiev's mid-1930s style...Crucial to the overall effectiveness of the performance is Tugan Sokhiev's sharp-eared conducting of the Toulouse Capitole Orchestra, in which colour is deftly and discerningly applied, impetus strong and the shifts in the music's temperament seamlessly executed.” --Gramophone Magazine, April 2011

“Laurenceau is a seductive envoy of Prokofiev's opening gambit, drawing the listener in with a poetic and rich-sounding introduction; furthermore she is as technically athletic and tonally acerbic as is required later on...She not only plays marvellously and fantastically but has a distinct and compelling view of the concerto, relishing its contrasts of mood and also its beauty” --International Record Review, March 2011

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