Wednesday, April 25, 2012

G.B. Sammartini: Six Symphonies

Kevin Mallon and his exceptional little band have a string of fine recordings on Naxos, including instrumental music by Boyce, Wassenaer, and Boismortier; there are also recordings of choral and vocal music by Caldara and Wanhal. Furthermore, they have begun a cycle of Vivaldi’s sacred music. Mallon’s musicians are well tuned to the repertoire they have recorded, and in each and every CD from Naxos they demonstrate an exceptional command of their period instruments.

Stylistic idiosyncrasies are bypassed; instead, Mallon opts for sound musical judgment, resulting in a release that is leisurely paced, but never lacking in vitality, excitement, or commitment. The running time of the disc—just over an hour—is somewhat stingy and could have allowed for the inclusion of one of the later symphonies and a broader picture of Sammartini’s work in the genre, but I won’t complain in excess, for what is here has delighted this auditor repeatedly. --FANFARE: Michael Carter

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