Monday, April 2, 2012

Chopin: Piano Concerto No.2, 24 Preludes

"Here, beautifully and responsibly partnered by Previn and the Royal Philharmonic . . . and recorded with the greatest warmth and clarity, [Pires] at last gets the treament she deserves. What gloriously imposing breadth as well as knife-edged clarity Pires brings to each phrase and note . . . . [T]he intricacy and stylishness of her rubato remind us that the inspiration behind the F minor Concerto was . . . Chopin's first love.

Listen to Pires's fioritura in the heavenly Larghetto or her way of edging into the finale's scintillating coda and you will gasp at such pianism and originality. . . . Pires's 24 Preludes, too, remind us that she is the possessor of one of the most crystalline of all techniques. 

More importantly, her way with the more interior numbers among Chopin's teeming and disparate moods is of exceptional drama and intensity. . . . In short, you rarely hear Chopin playing of greater mastery or calibre. In her own scrupulously modern way Maria-Joao Pires surely embodies the spirit of the great pianists of the past . . . ." --Bryce Morrison, Gramophone

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