Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alessandro Scarlatti: Sinfonie & Concertos

"Decca's sound is first-rate, with exceptional clarity and ensemble presence. Recommended."

Ottavio Dantone and the Accademia Bizantina have quickly established themselves as one of Italy's leading baroque ensembles and they made their Decca debut with Andreas Scholl on his album Arcadia. They will be touring that repertoire with Andreas in the Spring of 2004. This revelatory disc of music by Alessandro Scarlatti includes no fewer than six "new" Scarlatti harpsichord concertos — the result of a great deal of detective work inspired by manuscripts held in the British Library in London.

It seems likely that the keyboard parts held in the British Library are parts of concertos by Alessandro Scarlatti. The music is of such quality that Ottavio Dantone decided to reconstruct the complete works using information in the scores to recreate the missing parts for string orchestra. The resulting "new" concertos are the product of much intuition, logic and a deep knowledge of the styles and conventions of the period.

In addition to the six "new" concertos, Accademia Bizantina offer six rarely-heard sinfonias, also by Alessandro Scarlatti. These three-movement works are, in essence, overtures to his "musical dramas", a device he dreamt up and which soon became standard for all Italian operas.

The title of the disc is taken from the title of one of the Sinfonias "Il giardino di rose".

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