Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arne: Overtures and Cantatas

"Sometimes you just want to listen to something light and non-demanding to the brain or ear--something very pleasingly melodious, mellifluous, and even occasionally majestic and dramatically multifarious. This excellent recording makes an ideal choice--Arne's classic 18th-century English music is invariably ingratiating and well-crafted, whether the instrumental overtures or the technically challenging yet always tuneful cantatas.

And, I'm sure she's heard this before, Canadian soprano Stefanie True couldn't have a more perfect name to describe her spot-on intonation and impeccable vocalism. And although I've said this many times, there must be something in the water/air/soil/psyche of Canada and Canadians to so consistently produce such world-class singers as represented in True's extraordinary performances here (her exemplary technical and interpretive display in the twists and turns of Love and Resentment is worth the price of the disc).

Hungarian tenor Zoltán Megyesi isn't so bad himself--his lovely, light, lyrical voice is perfect for Arne's free, unfussy melodic style. The instrumental offerings are equally impressive, featuring tight, well-balanced ensemble, properly energetic rhythms and tempos, and vibrant sound. A superb disc. Highly recommended." --David Vernier,

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